Requirements & Troubleshooting

This page is designed to help make sure your computer is properly configured to play Minecraft for free online. If everything is already working fine for you, then this stuff can be ignored.

Install Java

In order to play the game on our site, your computer needs to have Java installed. If Java is installed but you're still having issues, make sure that you have the latest version installed.

Java Security Errors

Depending on your Operating System and Web Browser, Java might be prevented from running Minecraft. Try to unblock Java in your browser's settings, and if you're still having issues you might need to follow our instructions to use the Java Control Panel to lower your Java security settings. Continue reading for complete instructions.


  1. Press Start and search for "Configure Java" and then press enter.


  1. Click on the Apple icon (top left of the screen).
  2. Go to System Preferences.
  3. Click on the Java icon.

Once you're in the Java Control Panel, follow these instructions to make sure your browser settings & Java settings are properly configured to let Java run.

  1. Go to the Security tab and make sure Enable Java content in the browser is selected.
  2. At the bottom you will see Exception Site List. You will need to add three entries to this list, so click on Edit Site List to begin.
  3. Click on Add and type in "" (without quotes). Then click on Add again. A popup will appear to confirm; just click Continue.
  4. Do step #3 again, but type in "file:///" instead. Yes, there are three slashes.
  5. Finally, type in "". Note the https at the beginning. Click OK to save these entries.

When you're done with those steps, it should look like this. If everything matches, go ahead and click OK.

Try to load Minecraft again and Java should ask if you are sure if you want to run an unsigned Java applet. Just keep clicking OK and the game should now load fine.

Plugin is not supported

If you follow all of these steps and your browser still won't load the game, try to access our site with a different web browser, such as Firefox or Opera.