Minecraft Resources

If you are just getting into Minecraft, chances are that you haven't had much time to explore all of the great resources put out by the community yet. In this article we'll show you to some of the best resources available on the internet that are related to Minecraft. Each resource listed will definitely help your gameplay, and will help you grow into a more skilled and better Minecraft player in general. There are some tips that can turn a 2 hour task into a 2 minute task. The game has one of the best communities out there, so be sure to utilize some of these things put out there for people like you, who are looking to help themselves grow into a great Minecraft player.

The Minecraft Wiki - http://minecraft.gamepedia.com

The Minecraft Wiki is probably the most useful resource you'll find is available when playing Minecraft. If you're just starting out especially, a lot of things can be difficult to pick up and learn. Luckily, the Minecraft Wiki literally has information on anything related to Minecraft. Interested in how to obtain obsidian? Look it up on the Minecraft Wiki. Wondering how in the world you can make a nether portal with that obsidian? The wiki has the answer. It's like the Google of Minecraft.

The Minecraft Forums - http://www.minecraftforum.net/

The Minecraft Forums are another huge resource when it comes to Minecraft. On the forums, you can find tons of great shares created by the community, great advice, and more. There's enough fun adventure maps on these forums to last you a lifetime. If you're looking for a great seed to try out, the forums have that too. If you're just beginning on Minecraft, we'd recommend spending a good amount of time on the forums just to realize what exactly Minecraft is capable of. You can find mods, maps, seeds, advice, and more directly here on the Minecraft Forums.

PlanetMinecraft - http://www.planetminecraft.com/

PlanetMinecraft is another site completely run by the community for the most part. Here, you can take a look at other amazing projects people have taken on if you're looking for inspiration. But that's not all; as you can notice on the site, there's a lot to take in. From skins, to texture packs, this site definitely has a lot to look at. This is another site you'll probably enjoy spending some time on if you're new to Minecraft. There's just so much cool stuff to take in and look at.

These three sites will help you start off on your journey as a Minecrafter. There's nothing better than having a bunch of information at your fingertips when starting a new game, and that's exactly what these three sites have. You can literally figure nearly anything out that you want to know about Minecraft instantly by just looking at these sites. Hopefully you find them useful on your journey to becoming a Minecrafter!